In the season "Pīlādžu mototrase" is open for training on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00 to 22:00, on weekends from 10:00 to 20:00.


Motocross in Stelpe - two days - twice as powerful!

The long-awaited and hoped-for motocross in 2020 at Stelpe will once again bring together athletes from Latvia and the nearest foreign countries.

The competition will take place in two days.

June 27 Latvian Junior Championship and Latvian Amateur Championship (MX50 Dwarfs, MX50 Newest, MX50 Oldest, MX65 Newest, MX65 Oldest, MX85 Newest, MX85 Oldest, MX125, MX125B, MX Beginners, MX18 +, MX25 +, MX30 +, MX40 +, MX45 +, MX50 + , MX55 +

June 28

Latvian Junior and Amateur Championship (BV and Q) (Q Dwarves, Q50, Q70, Q100, Q Juniors, bv Children, Q Hobby, Q Amateurs, Q Veterans, BV Amateurs, BV Veterans)

Retro Motocross

MX65, MX85, MX450, MX250, MX2T, MX Retro 175, MX Retro 250, MX Retro 350, MX Retro 500, MX Retro 2T, MX Enduro, MX Ladies, Q Open, Q Hobby, Q Amateurs, Q Veterans, Bv Air , Bv Open, Bv Veterans, Bv Amateurs.

For quadricycle and sidecar classes that are repeated in the Latvian Amateur Championship and Retro Motocross, the evaluation will be in two competitions.

The competition takes place without spectators.

The track for training is open until June 24 inclusive.

Competition regulations:

See you in Stelpe!