Motocross festival in Stelpe, Sports and Recreation Park "Pīlādžu mototrase" on July 31, August 1.


On July 31, on August 1, the long-awaited scramble will take place in Stelpe, where more than 40 classes will compete for a pedestal for two days. On Saturday, the Latvian Junior Motocross Championship, Retro Cup, Golden Moped and Ladies Motocross Cup will take place. The start of the final rides is 10:30 On Sunday, the Latvian Amateur Motocross Championship will take place, where solo motorcycles, sidecar riders and quad bike riders will start. The start of the final races is 9:30 The competition will take place throughout the day, so you can watch the competition also at noon, because the end of the competition day is planned only from 19:00 to 20:00. Entrance ticket prices for adults 10.00 EUR, children from 12-16 years 7.00 EUR, children under 12 years and the first group of disabled people free of charge. Parking 3.00 EUR. The cafe will be open. The event will be attended by persons: • Who have been vaccinated against COVID19 • Who have had COVID19 in the last six months • Or by presenting a negative COVID19 test




   COVID19 test before motocross. We have reached an agreement that on Saturday, July 31, from 10:00am to 13:00pm, entrance No. 2. (follow the instructions), any spectator who needs a test will be able to perform this test free of charge. (Option 1 - a 6-hour saliva test and Option 2 a 48-hour valid test.) So spectators who plan to go to the race on Sunday must come to Stelpe on Saturday and take a test that will be valid for 48 hours or make this test somewhere else. For spectators who will attend motocross only on Saturday, a 6-hour test will suffice. We pay for the testing of these tests ourselves, SIA “Pīlādzis”, to find and create this opportunity for everyone. These tests will be required from the age of 12.

   Let's take this opportunity! Let's enjoy this weekend and with a positive mood we will meet in Stelpe "Pīlādžu mototrase"